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Hangjia technology 2018 multinational instrument exhibition

Post: 2020-02-29

The 29th China international measurement control and instrumentation exhibition (formerly known as the multinational instrumentation exhibition) was held at the national convention center in Beijing from 24th to 26th.Nanjing Hangjia electronic technology co., LTD., a manufacturer of the new generation of sputtering film ceramic capacitive pressure transmitters, was invited to attend the exhibition. Hangjia technology showed the company's strength in the field of sensor transmitters, Internet of things products, specialization, customization and intelligence.

In this exhibition, Hangjia technology focused on the company's various intelligent pressure transmitters, various measurement and control system software and Internet of things application research and development, production services.Besides precision, stability, reliability and intelligence of sensors, transmitters and IoT products produced by Hangjia technology, we also develop specialized products for market segments.Hangjia also provides customized products (OEM services) and "engineering products" services to solve special problems for customers, which are highly praised by users from different fields.

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