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Notes for use of pressure sensor

Post: 2020-02-29

What should be noted in the use of pressure sensors?Pressure sensor is a commonly used measuring instrument, which has the advantages of accurate measurement, stable performance, high reliability and simple maintenance.In order to ensure better results, users should pay attention to problems during the use.Below is hanga electronic technology to share with you the use of pressure sensors in detail, hope to help you.

Notes for use of pressure sensor:

1. Prevent the transmitter from contacting corrosive or overheating media.

2. Prevent dregs from depositing in the pipe.

3. When measuring liquid pressure, the pressure inlet should be opened on the side of the process pipeline to prevent sediment deposition.

4. When measuring gas pressure, the pressure inlet shall be located at the top of the process pipeline, so that the transmitter shall be installed at the top of the process pipeline to allow the accumulation of liquid to be injected into the process pipeline.

5. The catheter should be installed in a place with small temperature fluctuation.

6. When measuring steam or other high temperature medium, the condenser shall be connected to the buffer tube (coil) and the transmitter shall not exceed the limit.

7. When freezing in winter, anti-freezing measures must be taken to avoid liquid at the pressure opening, which may be damaged by frozen volume expansion.

8. When measuring the liquid pressure, the installation of the transmitter should avoid the impact of the liquid (water hammer phenomenon) to avoid the damage of the sensor.

9. When wiring, pass the cable through the waterproof joint (attachment) or winding pipe and tighten the sealing ring to prevent rain water from seeping into the transmitter.

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