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Selection and disassembly of differential pressure transmitter

Post: 2020-02-29

Differential pressure transmitter is a transmitter that measures the pressure difference between the two ends of a transmitter and outputs standard signals (such as 4 ~ 20mA, 0 ~ 5V) to measure the liquid level, density and pressure of liquid, gas and steam.

What should the user pay attention to when choosing differential pressure transmitter?The following hanga electronic technology to introduce the specific differential pressure transmitter selection points, hope to help you better application products.

Key points for selection of differential pressure transmitter:

1. Measuring range, required accuracy and measuring function;

2. The environment that the measuring instrument faces, such as the industrial environment of petrochemical industry, has the existence of combustible (toxic) and explosive dangerous atmosphere, has the high ambient temperature, etc.

3. Physical and chemical properties and state of the tested medium, such as strong acid, strong alkali, viscosity, easy solidification, crystallization and gasification;

4, the change of operating conditions, such as medium temperature, pressure, concentration change.Changes in concentration and density of the gas and liquid phases from start-up to normal production are sometimes taken into account;

5. The structure, shape and size of the tested object container, equipment accessories in the container and various inlet and outlet material pipe orifice should be considered, such as tower, solution tank, reactor, boiler drum, vertical tank, spherical tank, etc.;6. Other requirements, such as environmental protection and sanitation requirements;

7. The selection of engineering instrument should be considered in a unified way. It is required to reduce the variety and specifications as much as possible and spare parts to facilitate management.

8. Specific requirements of process patent providers.

9. Actual process:

1) consider which type of equipment the tested object belongs to.For example, for tank and tank, the volume of tank is small and the measurement range is not too large, while the volume of tank is large and the measurement range may be large.

2) to see the physical and chemical properties of the medium and the degree of cleanliness, the first choice is the conventional differential pressure transmitter and pontoon level transmitter, but also the material of the contact part of the medium to choose;

3) for some suspended matter, foam and other media can be used single-flange differential pressure transmitter.Some easy to precipitate, easy to crystallize with inserted double flange differential pressure transmitter;

4) for the liquid level of the medium with high viscosity and the liquid level of the high-pressure equipment, the radioactive liquid level meter can be chosen to measure since the equipment cannot open holes;

5) besides the measurement method and technical problems, there is also the instrument investment problem.

The composition of differential pressure transmitter is very complicated, and there are many parts, so there are many problems to be paid attention to in the process of installation and disassembly.

Disassembly method of differential pressure transmitter:

1. Take off the table cover on the side of the wiring terminal to touch the signal terminal (power terminal). They are firmly fastened to the electrical box and should not be removed.

2, screw off the circuit on both sides of the table cover, you can touch the intelligent electronic components and display the table head, should develop a good habit;First disconnect the power supply, and then go to the side of the circuit table cover.

3. Unscrew the M4 screw fixed by the circuit board, and screw the M4 screw in the M4 screw hole corresponding to the amplifier plate, then the large circuit can be unscrewed and lowered.

4, the effect of the circuit board, should first arrange the zero position and range adjustment screw, so that its slot perpendicular to the effect of the board, you can conveniently take off the effect of the board.

5, remove the nameplate, remove the opening ring installed in the litters, zero adjustment process screw, you can take off the zero and range and adjustment screw.

Separation of components of differential pressure transmitter and electrical box:

1. Remove and lower the large circuit board and inspection board as described above.

2. Loosen the locking screw.

3. Unscrew the sensor components from the electrical box, be careful!Do not damage the leads on the component. Carefully pull the outlet socket of the sensor component from the hole in the electrical box. Please pay special attention to not break the diaphragm of the component when unscrewating the sensor component.

4. The capacitor transmitter component is the integral welded part and cannot be further decomposed.



Hangjia electronic technology co., ltd. has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise


Nanjing Hangjia electronic technology co., LTD. Has obtained the national high-tech enterprise certificate jointly issued by the department of science and technology of Jiangsu province, the department of finance of Jiangsu province and the Jiangsu tax bureau of the state administration of taxation.


Since the establishment of the company, Hangjia technology has been focusing on the exploration and research of sensors, transmitters and the Internet of things, established the research and development center of pressure, temperature and flow meters and the measurement and control system technology center, and built a complete research and development, production, sales and service system.Up to now, Hangjia technology has applied for 15 national invention patents, and has obtained 6 invention patents.Industry insiders said that the national recognition of high-tech enterprises is the enterprise core independent intellectual property rights, the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, research and development of organizational management level, growth indicators and other conditions of comprehensive evaluation and identification.Hangjia technology through the examination, that the company in the above aspects have been recognized by the national high-tech enterprise identification management.Hangjia technology will take this opportunity, adhering to the "craftsman spirit", adhere to innovation driven, in the product specialization, refined service, elite team, management standardization on the road to take a more solid step, to provide customers with high-quality and efficient measurement and control products and solutions, make new contributions to China!

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