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Pressure transmitter commonly used in which chemical industry

Post: 2020-02-29

The pressure transmitter plays a very important role in the field of chemical application.There are many types of pressure transmitters. According to the measurement objects, they can be divided into absolute pressure transmitters, surface pressure transmitters and differential pressure transmitters.According to different environmental conditions, application conditions, installation conditions and other factors, the selection of transmitter also has different requirements.

Pressure measurement field transmitter type selection:

Pressure transmitters are widely used in the field of pressure measurement, such as medium and low gauge pressure transmitters, medium and high gauge pressure transmitters, absolute pressure transmitters and medium and low gauge pressure single-flange diaphragm sealed transmitters.According to the different ways of measurement installation, the transmitter can be divided into two types: direct pipeline installation and pressure guide pipe installation.Under the condition of micro-pressure, since the direct measurement of pressure may lead to unstable fluctuations, it is more reasonable to choose the differential pressure transmitter when the measurement is less than 500Pa micro-pressure.

Selection of transmitter types in the field of differential pressure and liquid level measurement so-called differential pressure measurement refers to the use of pressure measured by the transmitter for differential subtraction of pressure difference.In the field of liquid level measurement, the measurement results can be obtained by means of differential pressure measurement.The transmitters available in the field of liquid level measurement are differential pressure transmitters, high differential pressure transmitters, flange-mounted differential pressure transmitters and diaphragm sealed double flange differential pressure transmitters.When measuring the liquid level of an atmospheric pressure vessel, it is advisable to use a pressure transmitter or a pressure transmitter sealed by a single flange diaphragm to measure the liquid level of the vessel due to its connection with the atmosphere.When measuring the liquid level pressure of the sealed container, the gas phase volatilization may exist in the dense negative pressure chamber of the container, or the lower end of the container is sealed with nitrogen.Therefore, when measuring its hydraulic pressure, if the flange-mounted transmitter is chosen, then the negative pressure chamber needs to guide the connection of the pressure tube, and if the diaphragm sealed transmitter is chosen, then the positive and negative pressure chamber must be connected with the remote transmission flange.For open pools, if there is silt at the bottom, the single flange sealed diaphragm pressure transmitter can be used to measure the liquid level.

Differential pressure transmitter and diaphragm sealed double flange differential pressure transmitter are generally selected for flow measurement. Differential pressure transmitter should be equipped with orifice plate, arcbar, venturi and other throttling devices, and the measured result is also the differential pressure value.If it is to measure the steam or gas and other media, it is necessary to calculate the flow value through the secondary table or DCS/PLC and other upper system.

Pressure transmitter, of course, a wide range of applications in the field of chemical industry in the pressure transmitter selection requires specific application environment of chemical properties, fully considering the comprehensive factors such as temperature, concentration, corrosive, again by measuring its economy, choose the most reasonable type of pressure transmitter transmitter, make it better meet the chemical production activities.

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