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Working principle of pressure transmitter

Post: 2020-02-29

Pressure transmitter is the most commonly used in the industrial application, a sensor which is widely applied in various industrial control environment, involving water and electricity, transportation, construction, military aerospace, machine tools, production control, and many other industries, the kinds of pressure transmitter can be divided into the following kinds: the resistance pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter, pressure resistance semiconductor type pressure transmitter, inductance, capacitance pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter, etc.But the most widely used is piezo-resistive pressure transmitter, which has low price, high precision and good linear characteristics.The following nanjing hanga electronic technology to give you a brief introduction to a few categories.

1. Pressure transmitter

In the decompression of resistance pressure transmitter, we must first understand the resistance strain gauge element.Resistance strain gauge is a kind of sensitive device which converts the strain change on the tested piece into an electrical signal.It is one of the main components of piezoresistive strain transmitter.Two kinds of metal resistance strain gauge and semiconductor strain gauge are most used.In general, the strain gauge is closely bonded to the matrix producing mechanical strain through special adhesives and agents. When the stress changes on the substrate, the resistance strain gauge will also produce deformation, so that the resistance value of the strain gauge will change and the voltage applied to the resistance will change.

2. Diffused silicon pressure transmitter

Diffused silicon pressure transmitter means that the pressure of the detected medium ACTS directly on the diaphragm of the sensor, making the diaphragm produce a micro-displacement proportional to the pressure of the medium, making the resistance value of the sensor change, and using electronic circuit to detect this change, and converting and output a standard measurement signal corresponding to this pressure.

3. Piezoelectric pressure transmitter sensor

The main piezoelectric materials used in piezoelectric sensors include quartz, sodium potassium tartrate and dihydrolamine phosphate.Piezoelectric effect of quartz is a kind of natural crystal, is found in the quartz this crystal, within certain limits of temperature, and piezoelectric properties, when the temperature exceeds the scope, the piezoelectric properties completely disappear, along with the change of the stress field change is small, so is gradually replaced by other piezoelectric crystal quartz.Sodium potassium tartrate has high piezoelectric sensitivity and piezoelectric coefficient, but it can only be used at room temperature and low humidity.As for dihydrolamine phosphate belongs to artificial crystal, can withstand high temperature and humidity, so it has been widely used.Now the piezoelectric effect also applies to polycrystals.

4. Capacitive pressure transmitter

Ceramic capacitive sensors are designed to measure normal or corrosive media, such as gas or liquid, but do not favor the use of precipitated, crystallized or stiffened materials.It is mainly used in the measurement of cabin level.