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What should be noted for the use of pressure transmitter

Post: 2020-02-29

Nanjing Hangjia electronics gives you a brief introduction of the use of pressure transmitter what matters need attention, hope to help you:

1. First, check whether there is signal interference around the pressure transmitter. If there is, eliminate it as far as possible or connect the shielding wire of the sensor with the metal shell as far as possible to enhance the anti-interference ability.But the circuit board that chooses transmitter basically has antijamming function.

2. The voltage higher than 36V cannot be used on the pressure transmitter, which may easily cause damage.Too high will cause the transmitter burned out too low will not move, resulting in the transmitter does not display or no output.

3, to regularly clean the installation hole is very necessary, sometimes long-term use do not clean the installation hole, some media will plug the installation hole, so that the sensor can not feel the pressure.

4, outdoor use wiring must pay attention to waterproof, the cable through the waterproof joint (accessories) or around the pipe and tighten the sealing nut, in order to prevent rain and other cable leakage into the transmitter shell calmly caused by the transmitter burn.

5. When measuring the gas pressure, the pressure inlet should be opened at the top of the process pipeline, and the transmitter should be installed at the top of the process pipeline, so that the accumulated liquid can be easily injected into the process pipeline.

6. When freezing occurs in winter, anti-freezing measures must be taken for the transmitter installed in the outdoor to avoid the liquid in the inlet expanding due to the freezing volume and causing damage to the sensor.

7. When measuring steam or other high-temperature medium, connect buffer tube (coil tube) and other condensers, and take heat sink on the transmitter to avoid direct contact with medium.The temperature of the transmitter should not exceed the limit.In addition, the buffer pipe needs to be injected with appropriate water to prevent overheating steam from contacting with the transmitter.And buffer heat pipe can not leak.

8. The pressure guide pipe should be installed in a place with small temperature fluctuation.

9. Prevent dregs from depositing in the tube.Resulting in inaccurate measurements.

10, pressure transmitter measurement medium can not freeze frozen, once frozen, easy to damage the diaphragm, because the diaphragm is generally very thin.Of course, in the installation must be careful not to collision diaphragm, especially diaphragm type.

Summary: the instrument and the person need to care needs regular maintenance.This keeps the instrument working for a long time.

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