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Pressure transmitters are called safe eyes

Post: 2020-02-29

Pressure transmitters are familiar to many people.Now is a very developed era of technology, we can use technology products to do a lot of very difficult things.However, it is important for us to know how a technology works if we want to use it skillfully and correctly.Today hanga technology is going to tell you a little bit about what a pressure transmitter is and what it does.

Pressure transmitter is a very wide range of application in the professional field of the appliance, as a professional used to measure the pressure of the pressure medium in the guan guan inductive instrument, the initial scientific principle is based on the law of voltage induction.At present, the transmitter produced in our country has realized the digital excitation, and CAN field bus is used on the pressure transmitter, and sensor embedded technology is adopted as its main technology.

Compared with other ordinary transmitters, the advantage and characteristic of this kind of pressure transmitter is to make its measurable pressure range as large as possible, and its pressure loss is also very small.In general, in the middle of the transducer, the pressure of big value and small value of the ratio between the two for one or more than 20, if it is suitable for those words, so the range of pipe diameter will be a little more wide, the measured pressure and the output signal is to become a kind of linear relationship between measuring the degree is high, which is its characteristic and advantage.

In recent years, the intelligent transmitter using microprocessor and advanced sensor technology has appeared, which can output digital and analog signals, and its accuracy, stability and reliability are superior to analog converter, and can prevent the connection with the upper computer through the field bus network.

Pressure transmitter has the following characteristics:

1. High measurement accuracy, Ol level accuracy, stable and reliable performance of pressure transmitter, adjustable time constant between 0 and 36s.

2. It has a wide zero point migration range and a larger range than t, whose range is 100:1

3, with temperature, static pressure compensation function (differential pressure transmitter) and non-linear correction ability (temperature transmitter), to ensure the accuracy of the instrument.

4, with digital, analog two kinds of output, can achieve two-way data communication.

5. Remote control operation can be carried out on the field transformer within l500m through the handheld communicator (handheld terminal).It is very convenient to set the working parameters of the field transmitter, adjust the remote configuration zero, adjust the range and self-diagnose.

In terms of structure, the pressure transmitter is an intelligent detection instrument formed by adding the circuit of seal processor on the basis of common pressure or differential pressure sensor.It consists of hardware and software.The hardware part includes microprocessor circuit, input ^ output circuit, man-machine contact parts, etc.The software part includes system program and user program.The components of transmitters from different manufacturers or varieties are basically similar, but differ in device type, circuit form, program code and software function.

Is the safety of pressure transmitters important?A lot of people are more concerned about this problem, it can intuitively show the pressure change of each working procedure link, insight into formation conditions of the product or process of medium, monitoring safety trend, in the process of production and through the automatic chain or sensing device, to construct a rapid and reliable security, to prevent accidents, guarantee personal and property safety has played an important role.

As one of the safety accessories, the pressure transmitter always guards the door of product safety, personal safety and environmental safety.Especially when used in the production, storage and transportation of explosive, inflammable and toxic substances, the pressure factor plays a key role in preventing the occurrence of catastrophic accidents.So its contribution to security cannot be underestimated.

The pressure transmitter is too small compared to the production system, and there is no danger in itself.But with the pressure transmitter as the main body, with the automatic interlocking device, sensing device, protection device as the basis, with the fine and subtle perception as the vision, the fortress of safety construction is irreplaceable.

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