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How to choose the pressure transmitter and matters needing attention

Post: 2020-02-29

1. How to choose pressure transmitter:

1. When standard signal is required, pressure transmitter should be used generally.

2. Pneumatic pressure transmitter or explosion-proof electric pressure transmitter shall be used in places with explosion and fire hazards.

3, for micro pressure measurement (such as heating furnace, boiler flue gas pressure measurement), can choose micro pressure transmitter or micro differential pressure transmitter.

4, for thick, easy to block, easy to crystallize, corrosive measurement medium, it is advisable to choose with flange diaphragm type transmitter or isolation measures.

5, the environment is good, measuring accuracy requirements are not high occasions, can be used reed far transmission pressure gauge, far transmission resistance

Force gauge, inductive remote pressure gauge or hall pressure transmitter.

Ii. Six points for attention in selecting pressure transmitter:

1, pressure transmitter range: that is to measure the minimum pressure and the maximum pressure difference.General pressure transmitters have 1.5 times overload capacity.

2. Operating temperature range: minimum operating temperature and maximum operating temperature.Generally -20~80, if the temperature is high, need to add other cooling measures.

3. Medium to be measured: the requirements for pressure transmitters are different with the medium to be measured.For example, acid and alkali resistance, ceramic sensor is better.The shell is acid and alkali resistant.

4, measurement accuracy: general use occasions, 0.5% accuracy is more.If more accurate measurements are required, a measurement accuracy of 0.2% or 0.1% May be required.

5, output signal: is the relevant use of secondary instrument can accept what signal.Most use 4~20mA, but there are other 0~5V, 0~10V or 0~20mA output signals.

6, interface size: according to the customer's on-site use conditions, processing the corresponding installation size.

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