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Core Competitiveness
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Hangjia technology has more than 10 years of product manufacturing experience, hundreds of thousands of product application experience, at the same time has sensor manufacturing technology and circuit board design two core manufacturing capabilities.Our deep understanding of product application and deep technical foundation can ensure that we can provide you with the best product solutions to help you achieve greater success.

We have always been adhering to the leading technology and intelligent manufacturing process as the core competitiveness, each product through automatic temperature compensation to ensure temperature characteristics, automatic linear calibration to ensure product accuracy, real-time aging records and analysis to ensure time drift performance, pressure cycle impact test to ensure long-term stability.

Nanjing Hangjia electronic technology co., LTD., at the early stage of its establishment, has paid attention to the accumulation and cultivation of a production technical team with excellent level, profound theoretical accomplishment and rich practical operation experience.Through our unremitting efforts, we will flourish under the guidance of standardized management, and strive to make more contributions to domestic sensors, transmitters and the Internet of things.In line with the attitude of being responsible for customers, the company has established a marketing team with rich knowledge, rich experience and always thinking for customers.After entering the company to receive the perfect business knowledge training, comprehensive quality training, marketing training.

Nanjing Hangjia electronic technology co., LTD. Since established adherence to the "professional, technical innovation, deep market segment" concept of development, "respect for customers, care employees, cherish talents" humanistic philosophy, always adhere to the "create value, delivering value and realize value" core values, adhere to the "use automation to improve people's work, life and environment" of the mission, and strive to achieve "through constant innovation to become the most valuable enterprise automation" vision.Hangga people will continue to adhere to the spirit of "expert", scientific management and production, adhere to the service concept of "perspectivism, exceed expectations, achieve customers", actively cultivate domestic and foreign markets, to provide customers with high-quality and efficient measurement and control products and solutions.


Automatic linear calibration ensures product accuracy

Real-time aging recording and analysis to ensure time drift performance

Automatic temperature compensation ensures wide temperature characteristics

Pressure cycle impact test to ensure long-term stability