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Pressure, level and flow are important measurements for many shipborne systems, from bilges, fuel tanks and water tanks to alarms, hydraulic and diesel equipment.The sensors used to measure these indicators must be exceptionally robust and provide a high level of measurement accuracy in extreme long-term environmental and mechanical conditions.In addition, the desire of ship operators to cut costs is increasingly strong, which means to extend the service life of the machine, reduce maintenance, so in addition to long-term reliability, sensors must have low hysteresis, low zero drift and other characteristics.

Navigation ng the development and production of products are applicable to the pressure vessel pressure and liquid level measurement system, is widely used in underwater equipment of pressure and liquid level monitoring, Marine air compressor, Marine pneumatic systems, cooling systems, engine control system, fire control water level measurement, pressure measurement of ship power system and related in the measurement of pressure and liquid level control.

The piezoresistive pressure sensor with stainless steel isolation film is adopted as the signal measuring element in hanga products. The signal processing circuit is used to convert the signal of the measuring element into various standard current or voltage output signals.Special circuit ASIC is used for nonlinear compensation and temperature compensation to make it more accurate and stable.The whole product has passed the screening test and strict test of components, semi-finished products and finished products. The product has the characteristics of wide operating temperature range, high accuracy, stable performance, small size and good environmental adaptability.At the same time, we can customize the pressure products of fully sealed welded structure, which can meet the relevant requirements of ship system in terms of protection level, salt spray and humidity.For seawater medium, tantalum diaphragm or titanium diaphragm and titanium alloy shell are selected for aerga, which is suitable for long-term use in seawater.