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The iron and steel industry
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The iron and steel industry

Steel is important in engineering technology, the dosage of very large metal materials, steel production in China for many years in the world, with the constant input of independent research and development, the basic implementation of coking, sintering, ironmaking, steelmaking, continuous casting and rolling each main processes such as the main body for the homemade equipment in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection investment, application using the by-product heat pressure, energy control centers, a batch of dry dust removal, waste water reuse, practical and effective technical measures of energy conservation and environmental protection, also make a breakthrough on the technology,The high-speed development of the national economy is strongly supported by the mass production of high-strength steel plates for construction, high-strength threaded steel bars for earthquake-resistant construction, alloy materials for aerospace, high-performance pipeline steel, steel for large-scale hydropower stations, high-magnetically oriented silicon steel, high-speed rail and other high-performance steel materials.