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Thermal power
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Thermal power

Social modernization degree unceasing enhancement, closely connected with the supply of electricity, human life growing demand for electric power production, at the same time, for all kinds of power production enterprises upgrading of equipment and puts forward the new requirements, many traditional power generation enterprises due to the old, and the production efficiency is low, the equipment is not able to meet the requirements of modernization, mainly thermal control equipment of the new device can solve the problem of the people's demands.

In actual thermal power plant environmental monitoring, temperature monitoring is a very important part.The measurement of temperature is mainly realized through the monitoring of electric couple and thermal resistance.In the installation process of temperature measuring instrument, in addition to the installation environment of resistance and couple on the pipeline of thermal power plant, the thickness of pipeline wall should be paid attention to, so as to find the best temperature monitoring point.After the installation position is determined, there are several points to note: first, when connecting the pipe, the temperature meter should not be inserted more than one third of the pipe diameter;Secondly, the temperature measuring element should be attached to the pipe or the measuring surface to reduce the measurement error caused by the failure of the element fitting.Finally, pay attention to the connection of thermocouple and thermal resistance, the use of hot sleeve type and welding type is advisable.In addition to paying attention to the key points during the installation of the temperature detection instrument, the real-time management and verification of the instrument should be carried out after the installation to ensure the accuracy and safety of the instrument in the process of temperature detection.Accurate installation of thermal control equipment in thermal power plant plays a fundamental and important role in daily production of thermal power plant.