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Hanga's corporate culture consists of vision, mission, philosophy and values.Our vision represents hanga's position and belief, our mission clarifies the goals and directions hanga wants to achieve together, our philosophy is hanga's code of conduct, and our values reflect hanga's ideological guidelines.Hanga, to clear and clear corporate culture to guide the work, corporate culture as a corporate decision-making criteria, to achieve the development of the enterprise and take off!

Our vision

Become the most valuable automation enterprise through continuous innovation

Our mission

Use automation to improve people's work, life and environment

Our values

Create value: only relying on innovation to continuously provide valuable products and services is the foundation of enterprise survival

Deliver value;Bring our products and services to more users efficiently and conveniently

Achieve value: achieve customer success, shareholders profit, help employees grow

Values are the foundation of our vision into reality.Creating value is the source, transferring value is the means and realizing value is the end.

Our philosophy

Development concept: technical innovation, deep cultivation of specialty, market segmentation

Product philosophy: every product is our pride, carefully treat every detail

Humanistic philosophy: respect customers, care for employees, cherish talents

Service philosophy: empathy, beyond expectations, achievement of customers

Ideas provide clear guidelines for our daily behavior and help us know what to do and what not to do!