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An innovative new generation of pressure transmitter made in China for single crystal silicon

Post: 2020-02-29

Pressure transmitters are widely used in industrial fields. As an innovative product in the field of current intelligent process industrial transmitters, monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitters are also known as composite micro-silicon solid state sensors, intelligent transmitters and high-precision intelligent transmitters, which are favored by mainstream industrial enterprises.

Features of the new generation of monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitters

The new generation of monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter, whose monocrystalline silicon is a single crystal of silicon with diamond lattice, adopts cutting, grinding, polishing, lithography, bonding, film shielding and other advanced technologies and processes to process sensitive components.The product advantage is remarkable.

Excellent anti-jamming ability.Nanjing aerogel monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter is fully isolated and packaged. The monocrystalline silicon sensor is insulated and installed inside the membrane box of the sensor to avoid the influence of measurement and environmental temperature change, electrical interference and mechanical vibration.

Excellent high frequency response.The natural resonance frequency of mono-crystal silicon exceeds 500Hz, the pressure is transferred to the sensitive element, which is immediately inducted and converted into signal output. The overall response time is no more than 5mS, which is suitable for high frequency dynamic applications.

Strong resistance to overload.Nanjing hangjia monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter is equipped with double overload protection technology.Even if the pressure is overloaded, the unique structure will not allow the filling fluid to be transferred to the sensitive elements, thus achieving overload protection.And return to normal does not affect the measurement.

High precision transmission.The modular structure of the sensor enables all calculation data to be retained in the internal memory of the sensor membrane box. In the subsequent production and maintenance, the transformer module can read the memory data and achieve high-precision output.

Advantages of monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitters with capacitive pressure transmitters and diffused silicon pressure transmitters

Traditional capacitive pressure transmitters that were once popular, despite the efforts of their manufacturers to improve their performance, have attracted the attention of the market due to the choice of cost-effective isolation transfer module.Mainly from the improvement of the anti-interference ability of the metal capacitor, but unfortunately with the external short junction structural defects, can not be completely changed.The fully isolated monocrystalline silicon sensor has great advantages in anti-interference.

Compared with economical diffused silicon pressure transmitters with large user scale, the advantages of single crystal silicon pressure transmitters in the state of slight differential pressure show a unique trend.Under the harsh working conditions, the advantages of single crystal silicon pressure transmitter cannot be replaced.It is an innovative pressure transmitter product in the field of process industry.

The future prospect of a new generation of monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitters

In the face of national industrial 4.0 era, a large number of traditional industries, old models are facing the upgrading or introducing new equipment, new technology, in front of the era spring tide, a new generation of single crystal silicon pressure transmitter should be the trend of The Times, continuously boost the industrial upgrading, to all industrial field distribution has hundreds of thousands of sets of pressure transmitter, steel, petrochemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing, electric power, water conservancy water, thermal power, cement, building materials, environmental protection, crude oil, natural gas, and other fields, its reliability and high precision by widespread praise owners.


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